Volcano near Brit holiday hotspot is becoming ‘MORE DANGEROUS’ as fears of ...

naples lavaGETTYA volcano near Naples could erupt

Phlegraean Fields, also known as Campi Flegrei, near Naples, , is showing signs of erupting, volcanologists have warned.

Campi Flegrei had been dormant since the 1980s, but it awoke from the decades long slumber last year, and experts are now beginning to understand its full potential.

While the volcano did show signs of activity in the 80s, it did not erupt but seismologists fear a magma flow could trigger an eruption.

Seismologists have been monitoring the situation and found magma has been flooding into the chambers of Campi Flegrei – prompting fears it could be about to erupt near the holiday hotspot of Naples.

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campi flegreiGETTYCampi Flegrei is becoming 'more dangerous'

A recent study from the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with the INGV Osservatorio Vesuviano, the RISSC lab of the University of Naples, and the University of Texas at Austin shows a two-kilometre deep rock formation blocked the magma’s path to the surface.

But experts now say the magma has migrated to a different location beneath the surface – closer to the city of Naples which is home to almost three million people.

Dr Luca De Siena, a researcher at the University of Aberdeen, said: "During the last 30 years the behaviour of the volcano has changed, with everything becoming hotter due to fluids permeating the entire caldera.

"Whatever produced the activity under Pozzuoli in the 1980s has migrated somewhere else, so the danger doesn't just lie in the same spot, it could now be much

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