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Melania 47, hosted a luncheon for the spouses of world leaders at the US Mission to the United Nations on Wednesday condemning bullying. 

Bullying and cyberbullying are two topics the First Lady has regularly condemned and appear close to her heart. 

But how did Melania fare during her speech and how does she compare with husband US President Donald when it comes to public speaking?

Author and body language expert Judi James has decoded Melania’s performance, and the first thing she noticed is how “terrified” she looked. 

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Melania Trump UN bullying speechPOOLMelania : What did her body language reveal during her UN bullying speech?

If you’re delivering a speech about bullying it helps if you don’t look terrified.

Speaking to Judi said: “If you’re delivering a speech about bullying it helps if you don’t look terrified.” 

While Donald has turned his presenting ‘mistakes’ into a signature look of bravado Melania’s static delivery suggested she was far too worried about giving a ’perfect’ performance, according to Judi. 

She said: “Her hands remained hidden behind the lectern throughout her speech and her head rotated but without offering the kind of emphatic endorsement of emotional displays like smiling or even anger that her powerful words lacked. 

“This was an important message and her script was on-point but it needed to be

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