World to end on September 23 – but predictor David Meade says he’s ...


nibiru David meadeGETTY • PLANET X NEWSDavid Meade predicted Nibiru is coming

It is not known whether David Meade is losing confidence in his prediction the apocalypse will begin on Saturday, September 23, or whether he, like many others, believes the process will be long drawn out.

Canadian radio producer Robyn Flynn revealed the details from Mr Meade on her Twitter profile, telling followers: “Just tried to book an interview w/ a researcher who says the world ends Saturday. 

“Told me he's not available for interviews until next week.”

Her followers reacted saying the response was “priceless”. 

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David Meade has been the lead campaigner in the end of the world and Nibiru theory.

For years he has been proclaiming a rogue planet, also known as Planet X, is approaching Earth and will bring doomsday with it.

Mr Meade said he has been analysing biblical texts and astronomical signs, and believes Planet X will arrive on September 23, and herald the end of days.

david meadePLANET X NEWSDavid Meade said Planet X is coming

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