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Corbyn 'betraying traditional Labour voters over Brexit to please millennials' ...

EU - Jeremy CorbynGETTYJeremy Corbyn is accused of backtracking on Brexit policy to appease younger voters

The Labour leader has a long history of Euroscepticism and was mentored by the champion of the Lexit cause, Tony Benn.

But there are fears among Labour’s Eurosceptic ranks that he is going back on promises about Brexit in order to appeal his legions of young voters who mostly voted Remain.

Two weeks after the General Election Mr Corbyn addressed a mammoth sized crowd at Glastonbury where he gave a speech to youngsters chanting his name.

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It is reported that he asked advisors how to maintain the popularity.

A Labour insider said: “‘He was told all these kids chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ were basically Remainers and that if he wanted to keep them, he would have to tone down his anti-EU rhetoric. And he has.

“Problem is, the Labour heartlands across the North voted Brexit and they will feel betrayed.”

The insider also pointed out that Labour has now backtracked on taking the UK out of the Single Market after Brexit.

Also, it is feared that an alliance of Corbynistas and Trade Union leaders could make the conference force through an emergency motion to “maintain and extend free movement” from the EU.

Ex-Labour Cabinet Minister John Denham writes in the Mail on Sunday that this will stop Labour winning a General Election because he will

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