What is ALS? New drug is 'GAME changer' for Ice Bucket Challenge disease ...


ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeGETTY ImagesALS patients could benefit from a new drug

ALS - which became more well-known after the 2014 ‘ice bucket challenge’ - is a neurological condition that causes patients to lose movement in their arms, legs and body.

The average life expectancy of someone with the condition is between two and five years, but it can progress at different rates in different people.

But the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new treatment for the condition, for the first time in more than 22 years.

A doctor claimed the drug was the first in decades to genuinely make a difference to ALS symptoms.

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Dr Cornelius Robens said: “For decades we've had one medication that's really causing a statistical benefit.

“This medication seems to be the first that is really causing a change. It's a game changer.

“This is kind of the last disease that I can think of where we have not had a lot to offer and now that's changing.”

The drug, Radicava, slows physical function decline by 33 per cent in ALS patients, studies claimed.

ALS patientGETTY ImagesALS affects about one in 50,000 in the UK

The treatment includes

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