Richard Madeley LOSES IT with European minister on Brexit: ‘Are you trying to ...


The ITV host, 61, did not hold back at former Polish foreign minister Radosław Sikorski as they locked horns in the interview, which also included Nigel Farage.

“Why does it bother you that [Farage’s] just said - and a lot of people have said - that we can get good trade deals with other countries? You almost wince,” Madeley asked as he grilled him.

Sikorski, 54, responded: “Because other countries have made it clear that they cannot negotiate with Britain until they have left the EU. 

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“If Britain is out of the EU customs area, then Britain can negotiate with them. But then you have a hard border in Ireland - that’s a big problem.” 

However, the presenter was unimpressed with the answer and lashed out: “Let’s come onto that separately. The impression I’m getting from you is that you’re part of a movement which wants to see us suffer a bit, that wants to punish us.”

“No, just like regaining control is the first preference for Britain. We respect that. For us, the first preference is to keep the EU and therefore Britain cannot be seen to have a better deal than non-members. Members should have

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