Dementia illness can be transferred by bad blood research shows

Alzheimer'sGETTYResearch shows Alzheimer's can be transferred through blood

The study also found that the disease could start in other parts of the body, such as your liver, and then spread to the brain like cancer. 

Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada investigated sharing blood between mice with Alzheimer’s and those without.

They investigated surgically conjoined mice, and after infecting one, within a year the other mouse had developed Alzheimer's too. 

But despite the findings, lead author of the paper Professor Weihong Song said people should not be worried that they will ‘catch’ Alzheimer’s through blood transfusions.

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He said: “There will be amyloid protein passed between people through blood transfusions regardless of whether they have Alzheimer’s, because amyloid protein can be produced outside the brain.” 

Medical science does not fully understand how Alzheimer’s forms, but scientists know it involves a protein in the

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