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Nazca-TombYouTubeNAZCA TOMB: A second scientist has said the bodies could be non-human.

Dr Jose Benitez, a doctor of forensic medicine, is part of a team researching the alleged discovery of several bizarre three-fingered and three-toed corpses said to have been found covered in a strange white powder in a cave in Nazca, Peru.

The bodies have been branded elaborate hoaxes by mainstream scientists in Peru, who say it appears they have been created using genuine ancient mummified human remains.

However, Dr Benitez, is the second scientist to stake his reputation on the fact they could be aliens, or at least a new species of being.

Last month Express.co.uk revealed how Dr Edson Vivancoa, a skeletal specialist, was of a similar view amid his conclusion they were likely real 

Yet, one set of DNA test results found the remains were 100 per cent human, while others were inconclusive.

Both Dr Vivanco and Dr Benitez are part of the team, led by Mexican investigative journalist Jamie Maussan that announced the discovery amid claims they could be aliens of extra terrestrial origin.

Proof of aliens? These are signs that 'prove' we are not aloneWed, August 16, 2017 MIND-BLOWING signs that aliens exist.
The Crop Circles are often believed to be created by aliens, as there is no proper explanation behind this phenomenon.

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The Crop Circles are often believed to be created by aliens, as there is no proper explanation behind this phenomenon.

Dr Vivanco has, however, been involved in previous examinations of other body parts that have been suggested could be alien in origin.

Dr Benitez has worked with Mr Maussan before, including in 2015, when he analysed slide images of what he suggested could be a non-human body, that turned out to be a mummified child.

He was interviewed as part of a documentary made by British ufologist Steve Meera, who travelled to Peru to investigate the claims.

Dr Benitez said: "I found a lot of peculiarities that make this body totally different. 

"At first sight it looked like a common body but looking closely at every body part we could find several abnormalities.

Nazca-TombYouTubeNAZCA TOMB: Dr Vivanco (left) and Dr Benitez examine one of the bodies.

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"For example, the head is bigger, it has wider eyes, a smaller nose, and has no ears. 

"It has less vertebrae that a common human.

"The bone structure is different, it's wider. 

"There are only three fingers and three toes. These are the most significant differences we could find.

"There are a few more such as the number of finger joints and the nail beds."

He then spoke of findings about the white material coating the bodies.

He said: "The white dust that covers them is a special material known as diatom soil. 

"This soil has a unique origin with very special characteristics.

"It dries, dehydrates and preserves tissue and also has the interesting

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