Raynaud’s syndrome: Have you got the condition, that's as common as hayfever, ...

Raynaud’s is caused by blood flow becoming blocked when in cold temperatures, or when anxious or stressed.

The affected body parts can change colour from red, to white, and the to blue, because not enough blood is reaching the areas.

Symptoms can last from a few minutes, up to several hours, according to the NHS.

But, the condition could be treated with a number of natural foods, including bananas, ginger and seafood.

Raynaud's syndromeGETTY ImagesRaynaud's causes fingers and toes to turn blue

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It can be very uncomfortable, painful, and make everyday tasks like writing or buttoning up a coat difficult

Jagdeesh Cheema

“The onset of autumn and winter can be a challenging time for those suffering with Raynaud’s phenomenon,” said allcures.com’s Superintendent Pharmacist, Jagdeesh Cheema.

He told Express.co.uk: “It can be very uncomfortable, painful, and make everyday tasks like writing or buttoning up a coat difficult.”

The condition occurs due to over-sensitive blood vessels, and there are two forms of the condition.

In Primary Raynaud’s, patients’ blood supply is interrupted to the extremities - mainly the fingers and toes, but it can also affect the nose, ears and nipples.

It leaves them feeling numb and tingly, and causes them to change colour. When they warm up again, it can cause a stinging or throbbing pain.

Raynaud patient glovesGETTY ImagesRaynaud's could be prevented by wearing gloves or keeping out of the cold

Cheema said: “Secondary Raynaud’s is usually caused by another underlying condition such as an autoimmune disease, like scleroderma or lupus, that causes the blood vessels to overreact. This usually needs a little

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