Brexiteers and neo-Marxists are destroying UK democracy and liberal values, ...

Speaking at the annual One People Oration speech in Westminster Abbey, the former Prime Minister said “I now fear” Britain’s traditional liberal attitudes are under threat.

He blames political infighting, “attack dog” special advisers, Tory and Labour “extremists” vying for control and a collapse of tolerance in opposing views.

He also blames Brexit for exacerbating the problem because it is taking up too much of Parliament’s time.

He dubbed the voter’s decision to leave the EU as a “historic blunder in my own view”.

Brexit-neo-MarxistsGETTYMajor blames Brexiteers and neo-Marxists for destroying liberal Democracy

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He added: “Brexit will consume the time of this Parliament, and crowd out domestic issues that are crying out for action.

“It would be better were Parliament free to focus its attention on health, social care, housing, education and transport.

“But until Brexit has been resolved – which may take years – few, if any, of these subjects will get the attention they deserve.”

Sir Major believes the infighting over Brexit will damage the UK’s Parliamentary system as the two parties are fighting each other more intensely than the opposition.

He added: “Too often, members of the same Party are seen as opponents.

“These factions – opposing wings of the same Party – fight one another more vigorously than they do their opponents.

“This is potentially destructive to the Party system, which is the main operating structure of our

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