Iran slams ‘dishonest’ US & lays into Europe after Saudi Arabia’s ...


Deputy foreign minister Majid Takht-Ravanchi has accused Washington of trying to “cloud the atmosphere” for foreign firms considering investing in Iran after President declared the US would decertify the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran last month.

The 2015 deal saw the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany agree to gradually lift sanctions on Iran in return for a peaceful nuclear programme.

Speaking at a conference in Paris, Mr Takht-Ravanchi has confirmed Iran will not be the first to leave the deal, but warned the country is preparing itself for every scenario.

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iran usa trump europe nuclea dealGETTYIran's deputy foreign minister has attacked the US and Europe as tensions soar

He also called on Europe to clarify its position if the US decides to leave the deal, while attacking other members of the deal for not doing enough to get their banks operate in Iran.

The news comes after a Saudi Arabia intercepted a missile, fired from Yemen and manufactured by Iran, on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia said the attack was a “clear act of aggression” by Iran and “could rise to be considered an act of war”.

In a statement, Saudi Arabia accused Iran of supplying the missile to Houthi rebels, despite Iran’s denial.

EPAThousands of protesters marched on the uS Embassy Iran on Saturday,

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