Weight loss: How to lose belly fat fast working out with your partner in THREE ...

Weight loss: How to lose belly fatGETTYWeight loss: Lose belly fat fast with your partner in three moves

The saying goes, couples that train together, stay together, and there may be some truth to this. 

While you may have different goals and start at different levels of fitness, there are some great benefits to training with your spouse. 

Here are the benefits according to body transformation expert Chris Wharton. 

It promotes good habits

It’s all too easy to get home from work, stick a film on and get a takeaway in, but this can take its toll on your waistline. Scheduling in some workouts together throughout the week will guarantee you some quality time together, while helping keep you in shape and out of the pub.

It will improve your nutrition

If you are both aiming towards achieving a health and fitness goal, it’s far less likely that you will tempt one another off the wagon. Meal prep becomes far easier when you are both on the same team. As I’ve mentioned in my column before, creating a calorie deficit is all-important if you want to lose body fat. If you are both committed to dropping some weight it becomes far easier to make the right nutrition choices.

You provide motivation and support

Sticking to the rules is tough, especially after a long day at work when all you want to do is crash on the sofa. We all have up and down days when we will use any excuse to swerve the gym. Having your partner there to motivate and support you will keep you on form even when you are feeling down. Quite often it’s just the thought of working out that stops us hitting the gym, no one has ever regretted working out once they get started. 

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Weight loss: How to lose belly fatCHRIS WHARTONWeight loss: Manual resistance press up

The saying goes, couples that train together, stay together, and there may be some truth to this.

It creates a deeper bond between the two of you

We all know that exercises produce chemicals in the brain that evoke feelings of happiness and lead to reduced stress. Perhaps less well known is that exercise is known to increase arousal and libido, with those exercising regularly reporting better, and more frequent sex with their partners.

It creates a nice balance of exercise

Many people avoid training with their partners as they think their goals are too different and that men should be lifting weights, whilst women are plodding away on the cardio machines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Chris says the principles of training for both men and women are the same. When it comes to fat loss everyone should be doing the following regardless of gender:

Creating a calories deficit (consuming less calories than you burn) on a consistent basis Lifting weights. Focus

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