Black Friday 2017: Don't click on THESE scam text messages offering Christmas ...


An increasing number of retailers are sending text messages to tell shoppers about cut-price Black Friday offers.

But experts fear cyber criminals will try to capitalise on the sales bonanza to steal people's credit card details.

Con artists are already using WhatsApp to send fake supermarket vouchers in a bid to snatch users' personal data.

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Fraudsters are becoming more adept at targeting smartphones

Ross Martin, Barclays Digital Eagles

Recipients click on 50 per cent of links in scam text messages, according to research by Barclays' cyber team Digital Eagles.

This is enough for online crooks to install spyware on their victims' devices and steal their details. 

Digital Eagles chief Ross Martin said: "As more and more people shop by phone, fraudsters are becoming more adept at targeting smartphones. 

"Look out for text scams and offers that come through social media and instant messenger apps."

GETTY FILE PICTURE•SGCon artists are already sending WhatsApp messages to

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