EU Army: NO WAY post-Brexit Britain will join a European defence force, ...


The majority of member states agreed to join forces as part of a new defence pact last month, which some believe is the first step towards a joint military force.

But speaking at a discussion organised by conservative think tank the Bow Group this week, pro-Brexit MPs said there was “no way” the UK would contribute to any Europe-wide army after it leaves the bloc.

MP for Shipley Philip Davies told the meeting at the House of Commons: “There’s no way that the Government is going to join. 

“It’s just not going to happen.”

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NATO and British troopsGETTYEU Army: Pro-Brexit MPs have vowed British troops will play no part in an EU-wide force

By 2025 we will need a functioning European Defence Union

Jean-Claude Juncker

So far, 23 EU nations have signed up to the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) pact, which includes commitments to integrate armed forces, boost defence spending and establish a new headquarters building. 

And EU chiefs have earmarked £4.9billion (€5.5billion) for the project, which includes cash to fund research and development into new kit and the joint purchase of new equipment. 

But some have warned the new pact will only serve to further complicate the already convoluted links between the EU, NATO and now PESCO members.

Peter Bone, MP for Wellingborough, reminded the Bow Group meeting it was “NATO that saved Europe from communism”.

Philip Davies and Peter BoneGETTYPhilip Davies said there was 'no way' the UK would join, and Peter Bone said it was a 'non-starter'

He said the prospect of the UK joining up to an EU army was a “non-starter” and “a load of rubbish”.

Key European nations including France and Germany have long-campaigned for greater integration among member states.

And plans for an EU army were fleshed out further by EU

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