North Korea COWERING as advised to flood South Korea with countless ...


Trump, South Korea, North KoreaGETTYThe US should flood South Korea with warheads, it has been suggested

Richard Sokolsky, who served in the US State Department for 37 years, has suggested the administration may also need to draw South Korea more closely into its nuclear planning if it wishes to keep “the South Korean nuclear genie in its bottle”.

He added that the US should only take such steps if it is ready to also take diplomatic initiatives with North Korea to prevent an escalation of tensions.

Mr Sokolsky said: “If left unaddressed, the growing existential angst of the South Korean public and political class over the rapidly growing North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile threat has the potential to cause serious strains in the US-ROK alliance and hasten the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Asia Pacific.

“Unless the US takes more concrete and visible steps to demonstrate the continued viability of its nuclear umbrella than it has offered to date, the South Koreans may eventually decide to go their own nuclear way, with potentially disastrous consequences for peace and security in Northeast Asia and the future of the global nuclear nonproliferation regime.”

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