'Get over it Remoaners' - Warnings of 'economic ARMAGEDDON after Brexit ...

Brexit, Neil WoodfordJENNY GOODALL / ANL / REX / GETTYRemoaners need to get over themselves, Neil Woodford has said

Neil Woodford, the founding partner of Woodford Investment Management, compared worries over the Brexit referendum to overblown concerns about the millennium computer bug.

The legendary investor also criticised the Financial Times’ Brexit coverage in an interview he did with the pro-Remain paper.

Mr Woodford told the Financial Times: “I’ve rarely witnessed such an overwhelming consensus view – which I believe to be profoundly wrong – that the UK economy is going to hell in a handcart.

“And I think your own paper has gone a little bit mad, actually.

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“People have become so extreme in their view that Brexit is a pre-determined disaster for the UK economy, that the share prices are discounting literally economic Armageddon for the UK economy.”

When asked which way he voted in the referendum, Mr Woodford said: “Put it this way, I think I would have been a happier, less stressed fund manager if we’d voted to stay.

“But we didn’t. And as a country, we just need to get over it. And the Remoaners need to get over themselves.”

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