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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Black Mirror season 4, episode 4 Hang the DJ.

What happened in Hang the DJ?

Episode four of Black Mirror season four focused on the perils of dating apps as viewers were submerged into a strange world where singletons used a “system” to find their perfect partner. 

The instalment of the drama starred Peaky Blinders actor Joe Cole as Frank and BAFTA winner Georgina Campbell as Amy.

The romantic hopefuls went on one date before they were told by the system, who they referred to as “coach”, that their relationship was due to “expire” in just 12 hours.

Frank and Amy ended up going their separate ways as the system sent them on a number of dates with other potential partners in a bid to build up a profile of their romantic statistics.


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Amy was next paired with Lenny (played by George Blagden), while Frank ended up with the blunt Nicola (Gwyneth Keyworth).

Both Frank and Amy kept getting paired with new people before they were again put together for a short while. They made a pact not to check when their relationship was due to expire the second time.

However, curiosity got the better of Frank and he checked their expiry which plunged their relationship into chaos and saw their time together go from five years to just 20 hours.

The pair again went their separate ways after Frank told Amy the truth and continued to date other people but none compared to their relationship. 

After multiple relationships, Frank and Amy were told by the system that they would be getting assigned their perfect partner on their pairing day. 


Joe Cole and Georgina Campbell in Black Mirror story Hang the DJJoe Cole and Georgina Campbell in Black Mirror story Hang the DJ

But before the special day they would allowed to date one last person.

Amy and Frank chose each other but decided to escape from the system and climb over the wall and live together. 

As they scaled the wall, it turned out that they were both inside a simulated app and that they had escaped 998 times before out of a

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