Have you got a swollen face? Swelling here could be a sign of this killer ...

There are usually no symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer, according to the NHS. 

But as the condition develops, a persistent cough, coughing up blood, persistent breathlessness, unexplained tiredness and weight loss, and an ache or pain when breathing or coughing are the usual signs. 

One symptom people may not recognise as being linked to lung cancer is swelling in the face. 

But why does this happen? 

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Lung cancer symptomsGETTYLung cancer symptoms: Have you got a swollen face?

Swelling in the face can be a result of a superior vena cava obstruction

Swelling in the face can be a result of a superior vena cava obstruction. 

The superior vena cava is a large vein in the chest which carries blood from the upper half of the body into the heart. 

And a superior vena cava obstruction happens when something blocks this blood flow, explains Macmillan. 

The British charity adds on its website: “Superior vena cava obstruction is usually caused by lung cancer near to this vein. The cancer may be pressing on the been or it may have spread to the lymph nodes nearby, causing them to

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