North Korea: Expert reveals the ONLY way to halt Kim Jong-un's nuclear plan ...

North Korea must be encouraged to move to the negotiating table to avert nuclear conflict as World War 3 fears grow.

Tara Maller, a former CIA analyst, said that the only real solution to avoid conflict between the United States and Kim Jong-un’s rogue state is diplomacy. 

The comments come as South Korea has confirmed communication with the north has reopened after Kim Jong-un said that he was “open to dialogue" with Seoul and hoped to send a team to the Winter Olympics, set to be held in Pyeongchang next month.

Speaking to , Ms Maller said: “I think the United States should take it seriously. I think it should encourage any form of diplomacy that the North Koreans are willing to engage in. 

North Korea Kim Jong-un and Tara MallerGETTY•FOXNEWSNorth Korea news: Tara Maller claimed there was only one way to thward Kim's nuclear programme

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“That is not at the expense of increasingly punitive measures like sanctions, that is not at the expense of putting pressure on North Korea. 

“But you want both simultaneously, you want to increase and ramp up pressure on North Korea like we have been doing and you want to open to diplomacy and negotiations and talks. 

“Talks in of themselves are not appeasement. Talks are the only way you are going to reach a peaceful solution and avert conflict, in this case, potential nuclear conflict.”

Asked whether Kim Jong-un was trying to drive a wedge between allies and the United States, Ms Maller admitted that it “might” be the case. 

Talks are the only way you are going to reach a peaceful solution and avert conflict

Tara Maller

But Ms Maller insisted that it was important to get North Korea to

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