Dog freezes to DEATH after being left chained outside as US braces for MAJOR ...

us weather dog frozen hartford connecticutHARTFORD POLICE•GETTYThe dog was found frozen solid in its doghouse on New Year's Day

A concerned neighbour notified the police after the pitbull was left outside during the bitterly cold conditions.

Officers responded to the call on New Year’s Day and found the dog frozen to death inside its kennel behind the house in Hartford, Connecticut.

Police said the dog had no protection against the weather and showed symptoms of hypothermia, as well as other signs of neglect.

The dog is believed to be less than three-years-old.

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Deputy Chief Brian Foley said: ”As morbid as it is, the dog was frozen solid when the officers got it.”

A veterinary report revealed the dog had been lying in faecal material which was found on its frozen body.

The report states: ”He was underweight for his body size with low body fat and low muscle density. 

"His bones were easily palpable and often visible

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