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Fans of Game of Thrones are desperate to learn which of their favourite characters will survive and who will end up on the Iron Throne.

It seems the fate of Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) may have actually been revealed in the first season of the hit HBO series, with one fan recalling a warning the Khaleesi was given.

They believe that the Mother of Dragons will lose those she loves in order to defeat the Night King (Vladimir Furdik) and save the people of Westeros.

Reddit user gdragonfan29 wrote: “Back in season one, Dany was told that ‘only death pays for life’ when she was trying to save Khal Drogo.

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“I think there was a lot more significance to that than we thought, and that same idea can be applied to the endgame of the show.”

They went on note: “First of all, this theory includes a previously stated theory that since the Starks are descendants of the Night King and the White Walker woman he loved, the Starks will all die when the Night King is killed based on the same principle that wights die when their White Walkers die.

“I believe this includes Jon since his mother was a Stark.”

“Essentially, the ‘death pays for life’ applies to the endgame because Dany will win the war against the White Walkers and she and Tyrion will defeat Cersei, but she will lose those she loves - Jon, Jorah, and her dragons,” they continued.

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