Blair claims EU would make concessions to keep UK - but WON'T say who's told ...

Tony Blair, who has campaigned for Brits to have another vote on leaving the European Union, suggested the EU would be willing to alter its stance on freedom of movement in order to stop Brexit.

Brussels’ freedom of movement policy is one of the bloc's four freedoms and is essential to the single market, according to Brussels

But speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Blair set out why he thought the European Union might budge to try to keep Britain within the EU.

He said: “They don’t have to give up on the freedom of movement, But we have to recognise that the concern about immigration is not limited to Britain. Really what I am doing today is saying essentially, the three legs to the stool of changing Brexit.

Tony Blair and Jean-Claude JunckerGETTYBrexit news: Tony Blair would not reveal who he spoke with in the EU about Brexit

“The first is the British people start to understand that this is a very costly and complex process, much more so than we realise. I think that is well on the way to being satisfied.

“Secondly I think we have to show people who voted Leave, there are different ways in dealing with their anxieties and better ways than Brexit.

“The third thing is to say to Europe, it’s also bad for you, Brexit may be bad for Britain, it is bad for Europe. It is going to diminish Europe, it’s going to weaken it by taking out one of the major economies of Europe from the European Union and it is going to weaken it politically, Europe will be less influential in the world.

“If it looks like Britain is prepared to change its mind, then if the price of that is Europe also putting forward changes and reforms, which by the way, would have widespread support across Europe. That is something that Europe should do.”

We have to recognise that the concern about immigration is not

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