Guy Verhofstadt leads EU REJECTION of UK's citizens rights plans despite May ...

Brexit newsGETTYGuy Verhofstadt has rejected Theresa May's concessions over EU citizens

The former Belgian prime minister said the European Parliament's Brexit steering group could not accept “any discrimination” against migrants who arrive during the Brexit implementation period.

The rejection comes despite new Government documents revealing EU migrants arriving after March 2019 will be given a five-year temporary residence permit, more than double the length of the two-year one that was previously proposed by ministers.

But Mr Verhofstadt said he was unhappy with the UK’s revised proposal, under which EU migrants who live in the UK for five years will have the opportunity to stay indefinitely.

But a key difference between the arrangements and those for EU citizens who are already living in Britain at the point of exit relates to the right to be joined by family members.

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We cannot accept any form of discrimination between EU citizens who arrive before or after the start of any transition

Guy Verhofstadt's Brexit steering group

People who come after Brexit will be able to bring spouses, partners and children to the UK once the implementation period ends.

But these rights will be on a par with rules for British citizens, whereas EU nationals resident prior to departure

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