BBC Weather update: Travel chaos not over as MORE blizzards forecast in next 24 ...

BBC Weather warned commuters are set to face "significant travel disruption" as Storm Emma begins to unleash its full power over parts of England and Wales.

BBC Weather forecaster Louise Lear said: "There is still the threat of some snow across southern England, south Midlands and stretching up into Wales through the afternoon and that is still going to cause some significant travel disruptions.

"We haven’t had a red severe weather warning for snow issued since 2013 and we’ve had two in consecutive days. Today we’ve got a red weather warning for the south-west, for Wales as well.

"It means 'take action', we are going to see significant snow blizzard-like conditions through the latter stages of the day and spreading up into Northern Ireland overnight."

BBCBBC Weather update: Commuters have been warned of more "severe travel disruption"

As freezing easterly winds blow in from Siberia, the storm, laden with moisture from the sea will smash the western side of the UK.

Two masses of air will meet bringing a rare and potentially deadly union which could see parts of England suffer the worst winter whiteout in history.

The BBC forecaster continued: "The snow showers in the east are likely to continue but not as widespread as they have been. We’ll see some brighter, sunnier moments across much of northern England down to the Midlands.

"A cold afternoon, particularly

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