SpaceX SHOCK REVEAL: Falcon 9 launch cameras were CUT OFF to ‘protect ...

SpaceX shock revealGettySpaceX applied for the licence and received approval from the NOAA

Elon Musk’s ambitious aerospace venture is famous for placing a slew of cameras on its Falcon 9 rockets that provide unparalleled views from space.

However, it appears that a “commercial remote sensing licence” will be needed for its next launch.

In a statement, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) officials said: "The National and Commercial Space Program Act requires a commercial remote sensing license for companies having the capacity to take an image of Earth while in orbit.

"Now that launch companies are putting video cameras on stage 2 rockets that reach an on-orbit status, all such launches will be held to the requirements of the law and its conditions.

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"SpaceX applied and received a license from NOAA that included conditions on their capability to live-stream from space.

"Conditions on Earth imaging to protect national security are common to all licenses for launches with on-orbit capabilities."

Prior to the Falcon 9’s launch of 10 Iridium Next satellites, SpaceX admitted that “restrictions” from the NOAA were responsible for the sudden video cut.

Michael Hammersley, the company’s materials engineer, declared: "Due to some restrictions from the National Oceanic and

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