Kim Jong-un is STILL keeping youths in ‘DEATH CAMPS’ for watching foreign films

Kim Jong-unGETTYKim Jong-un is still keeping youths in detention camps for secretly watching foreign films

The crackdown on North Korean youths viewing foreign media comes as the hermit kingdom fears its “ideological purity” will be eroded.

A US-based Human Rights Foundation is helping North Korean defectors flood their former homeland with flash drives of news bulletins and documentaries to counter state propaganda.

Alex Gladstein, the group’s strategy officer, said that up to 10,000 flash drives were successfully smuggled across the border last year.

He argued that waging this information war was “the only way to inspire change.

“So it’s really like a third way, and this is to liberate minds,” he said.

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A source in North Pyongan Province said that youths in the dictator-run state were increasingly using illegal memory cards for entertainment to satisfy their curiosity about the outside world.

The source said: “But those caught are being sent to youth labour-reform centres and kept there for about a year for re-education.”

This new crackdown appears to be part of a wider effort to shape youth opinion in favour of Kim Jong-un’s regime, as the country becomes more aware of the outside world.

In his New Year’s Day address, Kim Jong-un that a “vigorous struggle should be waged to tighten moral discipline throughout society.”

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