Britain ‘GIVES IN’: EU secures UK concessions and offers ‘LITTLE IN RETURN’

Shanker SinghamGETTY/SKYBritain must take a tougher stance on Brexit after the EU secured a series of UK concessions

Shanker Singham, a former US trade adviser has said the UK needs a "paradigm shift in mindset", to "start acting like the independent nation that we are about to become."

Mr Singham, who recently set up a new trade unit at the free-market Institute of Economic Affairs think tank, said: "We must move from a mindset where UK negotiators think the EU and UK are basically trying to sort out a problem that the British electorate has given them, but are now on opposite sides of the table in a trade negotiation.

"The EU does not always have UK interests at heart as they have already demonstrated in a number of ways, most recently with respect to the manner in which our negotiations in the World Trade Organisation are concerned.

“We need to become more savvy about their negotiation tactics.

“So far, in the year since Article 50 negotiations commenced, it is the UK that has made concessions to the EU, which the EU has pocketed and offered little in return.

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“This trajectory cannot, obviously continue."

He added: “What’s needed now is a paradigm shift in mindset. In simple terms, we need to start acting like the independent nation that we are about to become."

His comments come after unrest among Eurosceptic backbenchers following the number of concessions given by British negotiators in order to secure a deal on the 21-month implementation period after the UK leaves the EU.

Following the deal, the Brexit Secretary, David Davis said it would give "certainty" to businesses and that it allowed the UK to "step out, sign and ratify new trade

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