KODI CRACKDOWN - Add-on users may face further anti-piracy threats from THIS ...

KodiKODI • GETTYKodi news - Illegal add-on users may face further anti-piracy threats from this date

Kodi add-on and Pirate Bay fans as well as illegal streamers and torrent downloaders have been warned that anti-piracy laws could be strengthened in Britain.

The UK Government outlined the future of its piracy crackdown in a new white paper published this week.

Last year saw a “landmark” agreement struck between creative industries and search engines to tackle online piracy.

But Downing Street has warned that this was only the start - and more needs to be done to address copyright infringement.

The UK Government said: “Online piracy continues to be a serious inhibitor to growth in the creative industries.

“Technologies like stream ripping and illicit streaming devices enable illegitimate access to content without rewarding its creators.

“Many rights holders are also concerned about how their works are exploited online, especially where they are used without generating substantial returns for content creators.”

Kodi: Ever streamed with Kodi? Here’s what is legal, and what is notSun, January 21, 2018 With more than one million so-called Kodi Boxes currently in use in the UK, streaming with illicit set-top boxes is becoming hugely-popular. However, a number of changes in the law could bring harsh punishments to those streaming things they shouldn’t.
Kodi: What Is Legal, And What Is Not


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Kodi: What Is Legal, And What Is Not

In the Industrial Strategy White Paper, the Government outlined the next steps in their piracy fight, Torrent Freak reported.

Downing Street said they will hold a series of discussions with copyright holders, social media firms and user upload platforms, among others.

The goal of these talks is to broker voluntary anti-piracy agreements.

The Government said: “These measures could

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