Earthquake hits San Andreas ‘Big One’ fault line three times in SAME place ...

The first earthquake struck at 2.33pm UTC (3.33 GMT) on March 31, measuring 3.0 magnitude on the Richter scale.

The second shake arrived a little more than half an hour later, at 3.07pm UTC (4.07 GMT) measuring 2.8.

The third and last earthquake shook the earth at 10.46am UTC (11.46 GMT) today, April 1, measuring 2.6 magnitude.

All the quakes struck about 30 miles from south of San Jose, California, on the Western coast of the US. 

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The shakes were only minor, with no one injured. But the area affected runs along San Andreas Fault, which is due for a major quake dubbed the ‘Big One’.

California’s most recent powerful earthquake was estimated to be 7.8 magnitude and happened in 1857.

The shake released some of the pressure on the fault but experts warned California to prepare for another major shake.

Robert Graves, a research geophysicist at the US Geological Survey USGS, suggests the “Big One” could be overdue by 10 years. 

arthquake california big one san andreas faultGOOGLE MAPS/USGSCalifornia was hit by three earthquakes along the San Andreas' fault line

Mr Graves said: "The San Andreas fault in southern California last had a major quake in 1857.

"Studies that have dated

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