#TheChase: Bradley Walsh in stitches over VERY naughty answer ‘Absolute ...

The moment unfolded on The Chase as Bradley Walsh led television presenter Rick Edwards through his head to head against Mark Labbett.

However, one question proved to completely derail proceedings when Bradley, 57, struggled to hold it together on the ITV programme.

Bradley asked: “Which of these is a song from the musical version of ‘The Canterbury Tales’?'", with possible answers being I Have a Regal Rooster, I Have a Majestic Goose or, I Have a Noble Cock.

The last option saw Bradley doubled over at the naughty innuendo as he lost his composure completely.

As the celebrities and audience fell about laughing, the host eventually managed to get it together.

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However, the rude sounding title turned out to be the correct one, although Rick had answered incorrectly.

Those watching at home were tickled by the hilarious moment and took to Twitter to comment.

One wrote: “Nothing better than watching Bradley Walsh

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