Chinese Space Station tracker LIVE: Tiangong-1 expected to crash at midnight ...

China Tiangong-1 space station trackerAerospace CorporationThe bus-sized space station is predicted to plunge at around 12.10am tomorrow

The bus-sized space station is predicted to plunge at around 12.10am tomorrow - however the exact timing of the re-entry could vary by up to two-and-a-half-hours.

Andrew Abraham, a member of the The Aerospace Corporation, stated that an estimated “10 percent to 40 percent” of the Tiangong-1 station will survive its descent back to Earth.

He stated: "Our company has the ability to predict space debris if we have a firm idea of the exact composition of the space object.

“Especially ones in which we're involved with the design.

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"But because China doesn't really send that information, the best we can tell you is between 10 percent and 40 percent of the mass of Tiangong-1 would survive.”

The European Space Agency declared in a recent update that re-entry is likely to take place “from the night of April 1 to the early morning of April 2”.

The orbital speed of the Tiangong-1 is understood to be dependent upon the sun.

If the sun is active, its energy pushes strongly against the atmosphere of Earth, meaning it becomes denser at a higher altitude and could impact the levels of drag against the

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