#OrdealByInnocence: Viewers distracted by THIS 'unnecessary' detail - did you ...

While plenty of viewers were quick to praise the BBC programme, some believed one aspect of it overshadowed the rest.

The music that accompanied the drama was not appreciated by all, who labelled it “unnecessary” and “dramatic”, and viewers took to Twitter to complain.

One wrote: “Cracking adaption of #OrdealByInnocence by @PhelpsieSarah Cast all chewing up the furniture and look great. Occasional tricksy photography but major complaint is the sweeping score which is unnecessary and intrusive but sadly all too common these days in such dramas.”

“Have no idea what was going on but the music seemed to think it was all very dramatic. #OrdealByInnocence,” another declared.

A third questioned: “#OrdealByInnocence wish someone had taken the music composer’s paper away, how monotonous can it get?”

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“Struggling with #OrdealByInnocence. Particularly the irritating constant background music. #sinistercellos #moresinistercellos,” another viewer stated.

“Enough of the heavy-handed music already! #OrdealByInnocence,” a fifth exclaimed.

However, despite the criticism of the music, the drama appeared to receive an overwhelmingly positive response.

One fan wrote: “#OrdealByInnocence fabulous and the perfect Sunday tv viewing,”

“Very excited for the next

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