Nigel Farage's PRICELESS reaction after THAT high five with EU boss Jean-Claude ...

Leading Brexiteer Nigel Farage shared a bold high five with Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday before Brussels chiefs announced new plans for the EU’s seven-year budget.

Prior to the debate starting, Mr Farage and Mr Juncker, who were seated next to each other, shared a joke and a high five.

Speaking on his LBC show, the former Ukip leader spoke out about the strange moment with the EU boss.

Farage said: “I have been here in Brussels, the European Parliament has been in session.

Nigel Farage and Jean-Claude JunckerLBC•AFPNigel Farage explained his bizarre high five with Jean-Claude Juncker

“I met Mr Juncker at 1pm today who quite bizarrely high fived me for reasons I still have not yet quite worked out.”

Mr Farage then commented on plans for the European Union to increase its budget to £1.1Ttrillion (€1.25trn), in the wake of Britain cutting ties with the EU.

He said: “The debate going on here today has been about the EU budget.

“You see, the second biggest contributor to the European Union, even though we have promised to pay quite a lot of money to go, but the second biggest contributor is leaving.

met Mr Juncker at 1pm today who quite bizarrely high fived me

Nigel Farage

“They are discussing what to do with their next seven-year budget plan after we have left.

“Amazingly the budget is not going down, it is actually

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