Stephen Hawking made MAJOR CHANGE to most respected scientific theory just ...

The Cambridge physicist was renowned for his theory that the universe had no boundaries and time had no beginning.

His “no-boundary” proposal, set out jointly in 1983 with the US physicist James Hartle, argued the universe was eternal because time curved back on itself like a sphere.

But Stephen Hawking’s scientific partner Professor Hertog, theoretical physicist at the University of Leuven in Belgium, has now announced a “significant departure” from the theory, saying: “There is a single, over-arching question behind all this work by Hawking.

“It is a deeper understanding of where the laws of physics that we test in our labs come from.”

Stephen HawkingGETTYIn his final work on physics before he died Stephen Hawking majorly changed his most renowned theory

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Professor Hertog journeyed to Cambridge frequently to develop the idea withMr Hawking even as it became difficult for the world-respected physicist to communicate.

In his older years, Mr Hawking returned to the research of his youth.

As a young scientist before he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, Mr Hawking argued the Big Bang began with a point beyond the reach of mathematics where the equations

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