Diamonds indistinguishable from the real thing GROWN at Cardiff University

DiamondsSky News/ gettyDiamonds that look like the real thing can now be grown in a lab

The precious stones can be created in a matter of days in a breakthrough that could revolutionise the business – or see the value of gemstones plummet.

And the raw ingredients to create the diamonds are widely available as they are just methane and hydrogen gas.

The pioneering process is being championed by Professor Oliver Williams of Cardiff University, who made the discovery by making sheets into semi conductors.

He told Sky News: “The diamonds are purer than anything you would see in nature. With the best growers, less than one atom in a trillions an impurity.”

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Professor Williams starts his process by putting a small seed into a vacuum chamber. He then adds methane and hydrogen gas. Both substances are heated to 3,000C.

The gases break up and carbon and methane are deposited on the seed diamond. The carbon then mimics the structure of a diamond.

Natural diamonds are created over millions of years in impossibly

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