Meghan Markle latest: Suits star should not try to emulate Diana, claims Loose ...

Angela had been given exclusive access to Prince Harry ahead of his and interviewed him about his life.

Today, she joined the Loose Women panel to discuss what she had learned about the royal and give her thoughts on his marriage to Meghan Markle.

Speaking about the pair, Angela said: “I think he is over the moon, I think he adores her.

“I think he is really happy that someone said yes and someone loves him for himself because she didn’t know very much about the royal family, so she told him anyway.

“And actually another thing I think he really loves about it, is she is a strong, dynamic women with a lot of views on women’s rights and so on but she is also motherly.

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“If you have watched the engagement interviews carefully as I have, with my eyes against the screen, you know, she stroked his arm.

“I think any child, who at 12 has lost their mother under such circumstances, particularly royals, who are not like us in the way that the family works and not in each other’s pockets, there’s also minder and meters. But the actual

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