God of War update - Awesome secret found inside latest hit PS4 game #GodofWar ...

God of WarSONYGod of War - PS4 exclusive has a surprise easter egg for fans

God of War is one of the biggest PS4 releases of 2018.

Santa Monica Studio’s latest title launched almost two weeks ago, and has earned huge critical acclaim.

It currently holds a 94 per cent Meteoritic, and has earned plenty of top marked reviews - including a 5/5 from Express.co.uk.

Fans who have been playing through God of War’s campaign have discovered an awesome easter egg which ties into another high-profile release.

Last Thursday Avengers Infinity War, the hugely anticipated Marvel superheroes epic, was at last released in cinemas.

The latest Avengers film marked the culmination of 10 years of Marvel movies and 18 other blockbusters that came before it.

And, in a nod to Iron Man and co’s latest adventure, God of War has an Infinity War Easter Egg.

If God of War fans play through Sindri’s Family Business quest they will get an accessory called the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, Kotaku reported.

God of War - Latest pictures of Kratos's return in PS4 exclusiveMon, March 19, 2018 God of War, which reboots the hugely popular Sony franchise, has a release date of April 20 2018. Here are the latest pictures of the upcoming PS4 game.
God of War is out on April 20 2018 on PS4


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