How to live longer: New study shows how to extend your life by 10 years

Life expectancy in the UK is rising, but so are rates of disease.

The NHS lists the five leading causes of premature death as cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and liver disease.

To give yourself the best odds of avoiding these illnesses and living as long a life as possible, lifestyle changes can make a dramatic difference.

A new study has looked at the impact of making improvements in your lifestyle and how they affect life expectancy.

It found there are simple things everyone can do to give them the best chance of living an extra 10 years.

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The US study looked at over 42,000 deaths over 34 years, and found five factors that could prolong life expectancy.

The findings showed that if the five things were followed from the age of 50 years, they could help women live 14 years longer and men live 12.2 years longer, when compared to people to didn’t follow the healthier ways of living.

The first of the five recommended traits involved smoking.

They defined ‘low risk’ as having never smoked, but obviously if you do smoke, the advice is to quit straight away and to reduce your exposure to passive smoke.

A healthy weight was next, with a body mass index (BMI) of between 18.5 and 24.9.

Regular physical activity and moderate drinking can help you live longerGETTYRegular physical activity and moderate drinking can help you live

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