#Riverdale season 2: Black Hood’s identity revealed in Betty Cooper detail ...

The Black Hood has been an elusive antagonist throughout the second season of Riverdale.

Archie Andrews (played by KJ Apa) has been hot on the villain’s heels since he first appeared at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

Viewers will recall Archie’s father, Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), being shot by the criminal, beginning a viscous cat-and-mouse dynamic between Archie and the Black Hood.

Since then the Black Hood’s identity was supposedly revealed to be Riverdale High School’s janitor Joseph Svenson (Cameron McDonald).

But following the death of Joseph, the Black Hood returned to Riverdale to terrorise the residents once more - but has his identity been revealed once more?

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The title of the latest episode of Riverdale may have hinted at the true identity of the evildoer.

The episode’s title: “Shadow of a Doubt” is also the title of an Alfred Hitchcock film from 1943.

In the classic thriller a young girl comes to realise that her uncle isn’t exactly who she thinks he is.

Towards the climax, Charlotte Newton (Teresa Wright) finds out

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