House of Lords petition: Will 700 years of rule by unelected peers come to an ...

House of Lords petitionGETTYMore than 145,800 people have signed a petition to hold a referendum on the future of the Lords

The result could end almost 700 years of the unelected ‘great and the good’ wielding power in Britain.

A petition to force a debate on a referendum on the future of the House of Lords has so far gathered more than 145,500 signatures.

Just 10,000 are required to warrant a Government response.

And now those who signed the petition have received emails announcing MPs will debate the issue this summer.

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Peers have come under intense criticism from Eurosceptics in recent weeks for what they view as attempting to water down - and potentially derail - Theresa May’s Brexit plans.

The Lords has already dealt 10 defeats to the Government on its EU Withdrawal Bill.

Peers voted for a series of amendments to the landmark legislation which include changes which could leave the door open for continued membership of a customs union and a provision to ensure the Commons has a genuine “meaningful vote” on the final deal.

The amendments need to be agreed by MPs before they become binding.

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