Hawaii volcano eruption: Kilauea 'not finished yet' as LAVA wreaks havoc on Big ...

Hawaii volcano Kilauea has been intensifying this week with lava continuing to spew from fissures and rocket into the air.

Massive concerns over air quality were raised this week after the lava flow crashed into the Pacific Ocean releasing toxic gases.

Hannah Thomas-Peter, a reporter for Sky News, warned the destruction of the Hawaii volcano was not over.

She said: “Before residents in Puna can rebuild, all this has to end.

Hawaii volcano eruption KilaueaGETTY•SKYNEWHawaii volcano eruption: Kilauea is continuing to spew lava across the Big Island

“But the earthquakes, eruptions and lava flows continue.

“Kilauea is not finished yet.”

Lava flow is also heading towards an 800-acre Geothermal plant and experts have warned it could unleash more gases into the air.

Experts have warned of further explosions from the Kilauea volcano after its massive eruption last Thursday which sent a gigantic ash cloud about 30,000ft into the air.

The earthquakes, eruptions and lava flows continue. Kilauea is not finished yet

Hannah Thomas-Peter

Volcanologist Mike Burton, at Manchester University, has warned about the dangers of gas that could be emitted, now the lava has reached the Pacific Ocean.

He said: “I have done throughout my career I have done measurements of these volcanic gases, so I have been in these volcanic plumes. It is really unpleasant, you have got this hydrogen chloride so it’s a

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