Royal star Bishop Curry reveals inspiration behind PASSIONATE sermon

The American preacher stole the limelight at the Royal with his sermon titled The Power of Love celebrating the union of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Bishop Curry revealed the palpable love between the couple helped guide his delivery of the scripture Harry and Meghan had selected.

Speaking to The View, Rev Curry said: "If you look, and you could see it, at how they looked at each other you could tell these two people actually love each other. You could just see it.

"I became really aware that the love they have for each other is what brought all the various worlds together. That cross all the boundaries of our differences: that love did. It was really clear."

GETTYRoyal : Rev Curry revealed what inspired his delivery of the sermon

Rev Curry, who had never met the couple before and believed the invitation to preach at the ceremony to be a prank, gushed at Harry and Meghan for their decision to have a part of

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