Ross Barton’s exit from #Emmerdale revealed as Debbie Dingle faces death?

In tonight’s double bill of Emmerdale, Ross (played by Mike Parr) threatened to shoot Joseph (Ned Porteous) and Graham (Andrew Scarborough) as he tried to work out who was responsible for the attack.

In a shock turn of events, Graham and Joseph grabbed hold of Ross to try and stop him from shooting the gun.

But unfortunately he fired a shot and Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) who had just walked in was hit in the stomach.

She collapsed on the kitchen floor as Ross and Joseph began to panic.

Graham instructed them to take her to the hospital and claim she was shot by an intruder.

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As Ross and Joseph rushed to A&E with Debbie they argued with one another.

Joseph insisted that he and Debbie were happy together but Ross believed otherwise.

It seemed as though billionaire businessman Joseph was about to reveal Debbie’s involvement in Ross’ attack.

However, an alarm went off suggesting Debbie’s life was hanging in the balance.

Will Debbie be killed off in a surprise turn of events and could the

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