David Dimbleby makes HILARIOUS joke to Richard Madeley that leaves audience in ...

BBC Question TimeBBC • ITVMr Dimbleby poked fun at Mr Madeley’s recent interview with Gavin Williamson

Mr Dimbleby poked fun at Mr Madeley’s recent interview with Gavin Williamson that was terminated after the GMB host insisted the Defence Secretary was not answering the question he had asked.

The Question Time presenter said: “We have to stop because our hour is up as ever.

“Next Thursday we are going to be in Reading with Question Time and we’ve got the co-founder of the fruit smoothie company Innocent with us Richard Reed.

“And indeed we have Richard Madeley.

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"Who will have to answer the questions or have his appearance terminated.”

David Dimbleby could not help but chuckle to himself as he made the rest of the panel, as well as the entire crowd, burst out into laughter.

The final question of the BBC flagship show paid tribute to the interview with Mr Williamson this week.

A member of the audience asked: “Should politicians who can’t answer a straight question have their interviews terminated?”

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