'There would be RESISTANCE!' EU braces for fight with over budget in face ...

In May EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker announce a €1.3trillion budget increase for the European Union to plug the expected £12billion black hole created by Brexit. 

The proposal included severe cutbacks to the bloc's cohesion funds, aimed at helping poorer member states, and agricultural funds.

Italian diplomat and former Eurocrat Ferdinando Nelli Feroci warned Brussels their attempts to carry out the cuts would cause to "resist."

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Mr Nelli Feroci said: "If I can judge from the first reaction of the politicians in from all camps, I would certainly have to conclude that there will be resistance by the next Italian Government towards the idea of reducing money for our agriculture sector or also for our cohesion regions.

IAIEU news: Ferdinando Nelli Feroci warned could "resist" budget cuts to agricultural funds

"I would imagine that would resist or at least try to do some damage containment when it comes to the question of resources for agriculture and cohesion."

As a founding member and a member of the European Economic Area (EEA),

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