#MeghanMarkle's mum Doria hailed for 'admirable' handling of #RoyalWedding ...

The loving mother of the bride, Doria Ragland, was immediately welcomed into the Royal Family from the moment she landed in the UK just days before the ceremony.

The 61-year-old was seen sharing a heartwarming moment with Prince Charles during the ceremony, who took her hand to walk her through the halls of St George’s Chapel.

And she seems to fit in perfectly in the family picture that followed the ceremony.

The reasons for such a good chemistry between the royals and Doria come down to her “intelligence” and a few tips Meghan must have given to her mother before the service, according to royal expert James Brookes. 

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Landing in the UK after a 10-hour flight and being whisked off to meet the heir to the throne sounds like the stuff out of fan fiction novels

James Brookes, royal expert

He told Express.co.uk: “Doria's an intelligent lady.

“She’ll no doubt have done a little research before flying over on how to address the royals and so on.

“She doesn’t come across as a brash individual and I think she will have been a little reserved during those meetings, which is understandable, while she figured out the situation.


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