‘De-facto FAILURE’ EU summit DERAILED by deep divisions between leaders, ...

Angela MerkelGETTYAngela Merkel faced large pressure from within her Government to strike a deal over EU migration

Lorenzo Codogno, former chief economist and director general at the Italian Treasury Department, noted the final agreement reached by the EU leaders on the migrant crisis paves the way for further negotiations over the coming year.

He said: “Divisions were so deep that they turned the summit into a de-facto failure, with the final agreement on migration effectively relying on a complicated implementation process.

“The final language suggests that countries will continue to work on the subject over the coming months with a target to make substantial progress at the year-end summit.”

The economist accused EU diplomats of branding the final conclusion a success, while overlooking the deep divisions which continue to exist.

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Angela MerkelGETTYMr Codogno accused EU leaders of 'hijacking' the EU summit to discuss the EU migrant crisis

Theresa MayGETTYTheresa May described the negotiations as 'very lengthy' but hailed the final agreement

Divisions were so deep that they turned the summit into a de-facto failure

Lorenzo Codogno

He said: “There is always a way to present a de-facto failure as a useful result.”

However he noted EU diplomats may still reach a viable solution to the migrant crisis due to their relentless persistence and unwavering patience.

He said: “Commission services and the Eurogroup/Council secretariats have unlimited patience and

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