India spends $6 BILLION on Russian missiles – yet UK pays them £100 MILLION ...

S-400 Triumf missile systemGETTYIndia is on the verge of buying five S-400 units from Russia for £4.3 billion

Defence Minister Normal Sitharaman has forwarded the deal for the purchase of five S-400 units to the finance ministry and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office for Government approval. The cost equates to £4.3 billion.

The S-400 Triumf can engage with targets at a range of up to 40km and ballistic missiles up to 60km away.

It can use at least four interceptor missile types - one S-400 division can engage up to 36 targets simultaneously.

A source at the Defence Acquisitions Council (DAC) told the Times of India: “The S-400 procurement case will now go to the finance ministry for clearance and the PM-led Cabinet Committee on Security for the final nod.

“The country’s top political leadership will have to take a call on when the actual contract can be inked.”

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