Wes Nelson’s very strange habit captivates #LoveIsland fans - have you ...

The Love Island contestant has a strange quirk which hasn’t gone unnoticed by avid watchers of the ITV2 reality show.

It seems the islander has the habit of asking himself seemingly rhetorical questions before answering them out loud.

Those watching at home have taken to Twitter to mock Wes for the peculiar trait.

One wrote: “Does Wes like asking lots of questions to himself? Yes. Does he do it every episode? Yes. Does he even realise he's doing it? No #loveisland.”

“Do I hate that wes always asks himself questions? Absolutely #LoveIsland,” another stated.

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A third questioned: “Why does Wes answer his own questions constantly. F***s me right off. #LoveIsland.”

But others were quick to point out it’s not just Wes who’s guilty of doing it as Josh Denzel is also a culprit.

“How much do I wish that Josh would stop asking rhetorical questions? #loveisland,” a fan joked.

Another said: “Wes has been around Josh to long. He's answering his own questions. #LoveIsland.”

“Take a shot everytime Josh and Wes answer their own questions #loveisland,” a viewer wrote.

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