‘Brexit is a TREMENDOUS mistake’ Richard Branson's fury over decision to ...

Branson Brexit mistakeRichard Branson has described Brexit as a "tremendous mistake" (Image: GETTY)

The founder of the Virgin Group made his latest anti-Brexit comments on a trip to the Genoese plant of shipbuilding firm Fincantieri in .

According to a report from shipping, logistics and international transport news website The MediTelegraph, he again took the opportunity to reiterate his thoughts on Brexit, labelling it a “tremendous mistake”.

The billionaire believes Britain’s exit from the European Union “is already affecting the lives of my countrymen, for the worse, and it saddens me”.

Mr Branson is an outspoken critic of Brexit and earlier this year he called on MPs to vote against the Withdrawal Bill at the end of Brexit negotiations.

Speaking to Bloomberg in February, he expressed concerns Brexit will be a disaster for the UK and Europe.

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He said: “I’ve been an open book as far as Brexit is concerned. I thought it was a disaster for the UK, very sad for Europe.


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